Media Appearances

Podcast episodes:

PCOS Research, Plant-Based Diets, and More – The Nourished with PCOS Podcast (Oct 2023)

Are Plant-Based Diets Good for Our Hormones? ft. Dr. Dylan Cutler – Hormone Zone (Aug 2022)

Academia’s Impact on Mental Health with Dr. Dylan Cutler, Ph‪D – Table for Three: You, Me, & Anxiety (Mar 2021)

PCOS & Plant-Based with Dr. Dylan Cutle‪r‬ – Live Free with That PCOS Coach (Mar 2021)

A Holistic Approach to Managing PCOS with Dr. Dylan Cutle‪r‬ – The Plant Powered Gut Show (Mar 2021)

Healing PCOS with Lifestyle Changes with guest Dr. Dylan Cutler – The Egg Whisperer Show (Oct 2020)

Dr. Dylan Cutler on Plant-Based Nutrition, PCOS, Anxiety, Depression & Eating Disorders – Mind Your Hormones (Sept 2020)

PCOS Research & How it Can Help You Thrive – The PCOS Girls Podcast (Sept 2020)

Overcoming PCOS Challenges w/ Dr. Dylan Cutler – Down to Earth PCOS Nutrition Podcast (Aug 2020)

PCOS Q&A – Irregular periods, acne, and what to eat for PCOSHolistically Awakened (Aug 2020)

Dylan Cutler on PCOS – Getting Mouthy (March 2020)

Dr. Dylan Cutler, Private Wellness Consultant & Founder of Phruitful DishVegan Boss Radio (Feb 2020)

Women’s Hormonal Health & PCOS with Dr Dylan Cutler, Ph‪DThe Plant-Based Podcast (Dec 2019)

Dr. Dylan Cutler PhD & PCOS ExpertEveryPCOSBody Podcast (Nov 2019)

YouTube Interviews:

Panel Discussion for 9th Annual Heart4PCOS Campaign

International TV Appearances:

Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV – Summer 2018

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Empathy among Canadians had dropped during pandemic, CHMA finds