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Phruitful Dish is a website where I, Dylan Cutler, write about my own lived experiences and knowledge obtained throughout my education. The information in this blog is not intended as medical advice. Nutritional and supplemental choices should be made in consultation with your medical doctor and health care providers. This blog is intended to inspire and encourage readers to educate themselves on how lifestyle factors are important and often overlooked aspects of health. Therefore, please use the information at your own risk.

Occasional links may be provided leading to third-party websites. The existence of these links does not infer a responsibility or an endorsement of the linked site, its operator, or its contents. One of the ways I can afford to produce free content is by including affiliate links to products that I use myself. If you buy a product via an affiliate link on my website or social channels you may often receive an extra discount by using my link and I may receive a small commission.

All Opinions Provided are Mine

I never link to a product unless I use the product and think others could benefit. When a post contains an affiliate link I will make this clear at the beginning of the post. You may also find affiliate links or ads in my sidebar, social media channels, and email marketing newsletters.

I will not be held liable or responsible for any damages resulting from your purchase. It is your responsibility to conduct your own investigation to determine whether to purchase an affiliate product. It is your responsibility to contact the vendor directly should any issues arise with any product you purchase.