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I’m Dylan, a holistic health blogger, fitness enthusiast, feminist, vegan, and scientist living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, on unceded Coast Salish territories. I obtained my PhD in obstetrics and gynaecology with a focus on PCOS. During my doctoral studies I conducted scientific studies to advance knowledge of managing women’s reproductive and metabolic health through lifestyle changes. This included nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness and supplementation.

Dr Dylan Cutler, Founder of Phruitful Dish

I’ve been living a plant-based lifestyle for over 14 years now. I believe plant-based, primarily vegan diets positively impact my health, the environment, food sustainability, land sustainability and animal welfare. These reasons are why I develop PCOS-friendly recipes that still allow me to thrive on plants.

When I’m not creating new recipes, or actively fighting the patriarchy, you can likely find me at the gym or in the mountains hiking, prioritizing my self-care. I’ve dabbled in many forms of fitness, such as running, hot yoga, and field hockey, but my true passions are bodybuilding and powerlifting. Athletics have been a huge part of my life and continue to bring me health, joy, confidence, and strength.

Dr Dylan Cutler hiking the Sea to Sky Summit


About Phruitful Dish:

This blog is dedicated to using my evidence-based knowledge in creating recipes to share with women with PCOS, and others who enjoy plant-based, nutritious recipes which may help prevent chronic illness. The name Phruitful Dish has a couple inspirations. I associate the word ‘fruitful’ with living an abundant life of growth and transformation. When I was younger I had an unhealthy relationship with food, not unlike many women (with and without PCOS) who have been conditioned by the health and beauty industries, the media and our society, to associate food with feelings of guilt, etc. My on-going transformation has led me to think of food as fuel that has the power to nourish my body and prevent future disease. This is particularly important for us with PCOS because a healthy lifestyle, focused on nutrient-dense foods, can impact our hormonal, metabolic and long-term health. Finally, the ‘ph’ symbolizes my focus on science and my commitment to discussing the health benefits of food that are evidence-based.

Dr Dylan Cutler, Founder of Phruitful Dish

Unfortunately the scientific research on PCOS and lifestyle is very limited. As far as nutrition, there is no single “diet” that is effective and maintainable for all women with PCOS. Please take the information I provide with a grain of salt. 😉

polycystic ovary syndrome pcos

Disclaimer: As the sole author of Phruitful Dish, I have based my posts on my own experiences and personal knowledge regarding nutrition and PCOS. However, I am not a medical doctor or licensed nutritionist. The information in this blog is not intended as medical advice, and it is not endorsed by my employers or institutions I am affiliated with. Nutritional choices should be made in consultation with your health care provider. This blog is intended to inspire and encourage readers to educate themselves on how nutrition can be one important part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, please use the information at your own risk. Occasional links may be provided leading to third party websites. The existence of these links does not infer a responsibility or an endorsement of the linked site, its operator, or its contents.

Phruitful Dish

I'm Dylan, the creator of Phruitful Dish. I'm a holistic health blogger, fitness lover, vegan, feminist, and scientist living in Vancouver, Canada on unceded Coast Salish territory. In 2019 I obtained my PhD in obstetrics and gynaecology specializing in PCOS, nutrition and mental health.


  1. The last few days I have been really struggling with Endometriosis and Fibro. I started ‘operation conquer’ this morning. I am at the end of my tether and have a renewed motivation to stop these illnesses conquering me. While perusing pages on plant based diets, I find this little gold mine. Thank you so much. Your recipes look amazing. I hate the idea of eating the same foods, but not with people like you in the world. Thank you. How amazing to find people wanting to help others and making positive changes to others – if you ever have a bad day…. remember what you are doing!

    1. I am so incredibly happy you found me and my blog, AND left a comment! I am completely supportive of ‘operation conquer’! I hope some of my recipes will be useful to you and at the very least inspire you to create appealing healing foods. I understand what feeling restricted is like and I never want to feel that again so my goal is to make recipes that are fulfilling and with a purpose! Lastly, thank you for the kind words. Bad days do happen and reminding myself WHY I do what I do gets me through those. Thank you 🙂 I look forward to connecting with you more.

  2. Fabulous recipes and great content! I like how you describe the specific health benefits of vegan food, and the recipes look delicious. I recently started creating meals from the “Oh She Glows” cookbook by Angela Liddon and I think we’re embarking on a new way to look at food.
    What a great project, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind feedback! I have heard that cookbook is great. I hope to have my own one day. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dylan, y does vegunizm make the envirnment betta?

    Do u drive?

    1. Hello Becky! Thanks for the great question. Veganism can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, species extinction, and deforestation. A great documentary is Cowspiracy which talks about all the environmental impacts of eating meat. I found it fascinating. And to answer your second question, I don’t drive. I walk and use public transit. 🙂 Hope the film is interesting for you!

  4. Love everything about this blog right now! I can always use some inspiration to eat more veggies and you make it look like a stunning experience. Also, I have so many friends that suffer from PCOS that I will definitely be sharing your page with them. Cant wait to try some of your ice cream recipes 🙂

    1. Love everything about this comment! Haha, thank you so much for leaving a kind note. I feel like I specialize in beatifying fruits and veggies lol And I am very appreciative of you sharing with your friends. 💜

  5. Hey Dylan – love your blog. I’ve got PCOS but never really make an effort to manage it. Although I’m vegan (which I love!!) – I will definitely benefit from some of your low GI recipes.

    Thank you for your work researching PCOS and sharing your experiences and of course delicous food!

    Gill x

    1. Hi Gill! Thank you for leaving a comment! It means a lot to me when I know women with PCOS are reading my blog and enjoying it 🙂 I try to keep all my recipes low GI so stay tuned (its a key part of my phd thesis which I hope to be able to share eventually). Have a great week <3

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