I provide online 1-on-1 consultations to women with PCOS who want to conquer and heal their PCOS. Maybe you’ve been recently diagnosed and feel confused or scared by what you’ve been told about PCOS. Perhaps you were diagnosed a few years ago and are frustrated with healthcare providers brushing aside your symptoms or telling you to ‘just lose weight’. 

I’ve also been confused, scared, and told these unsupportive words from physicians. I suffered from PCOS physically AND mentally: no periods, facial hair, body hair, acne, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, and exercise bulimia. Through simple changes to my daily routines, I’ve managed most of my symptoms and am thriving despite PCOS. I also spent 6 years pursuing my doctorate in women’s health with a specialty in PCOS. I conducted clinical studies with women with PCOS, so I understand the evidence-based research behind PCOS, but also the lived personal experience.

Compassionately Conquer PCOS:

This isn’t a restrictive diet or a quick fix. It took time for PCOS to develop so it will take time to heal PCOS. My program includes:

  • nutritional guidance
  • movement coaching
  • stress assessment and management
  • supplement recommendations
  • bi-weekly video chat calls
  • availability and motivation via email
  • accountability, compassion, and support

1 Month Package: $850 USD

2 Month Package: $1500 USD

3 Month Package: $2100 USD


Single Consulting Session: $150 USD

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